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Research Topics

■ Resource-Constrained RTOS & Middlewares:
    - Ubinos(http://ubinos.org) : KNU-RTLAB RTOS
    - uMATI(ubiquitous Mobile Asset Tracking Infra) : Middleware for mobile-stationary co-existed wireless sensor network environment
    - SMART hub node : Dynamic reconfiguration of Sensor/actuator module or wire/wireless communication module for opportunerstic locationing services
   - BLIDx(Bidirectional Location-ID eXchanging Protocol) and AMD(Asynchronous Message Delivery Protocol) for opportunerstic services in mobile-stationary co-existed WSN

■ Software Engineering for Embedded Real Time Systems:
    - Modelling and Design Methods : RT-UML,COMET/CORDART
    - Implementation Environments : (freeRTOS,RT-LINUX,VxWorks,QNX,WindowsCE,RTEMS)
    - Tornado/VxWork : WindRiver University Program Member

■ Multi-Prototyping Approach for Development of Embedded Real Time Systems:
    - Development of Physical Prototyping Tool and Environment : Reusable Block(Lego,Fischer), standard sensors and actuators
    - Knowledgebased Approach for Virtual Prototyping and Physical Prototyping Integration
    - Domain-Specific Embedded Real-Time System Development Environment
    - KNU Physical Prototyping Tool(ESPS-Mobile) :
          for Sensor Network Node (HW(8051,AVR128),SW(freeRTOS),Eclips IDE)
          for Mobile Device(HW(atmel ARM7,ARM9,Cortex-M), SW(Ubinos, freeRTOS,VxWORKS),Eclips IDE,Tornado)
          for Hard Real-Time Embedded Systems( HW(Intel x86,Intel IXP 425,Cortex-M),SW(RTLINUX,VxWorks,LINUX),Eclips IDE,Tornado)

■ Middlewares in Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing Environments:
    - Real-Time Middleware(RT-CORBA,LOFES) for Hard Real-Time Distributed Systems
    - Middlewares in Home Network(HAVI,Jini,OSGi)
    - RoomBridge(Being developed) : Real-Time Middlewares for Vertically Configurable Home Networks
    - u-FDMS (Sensor Network Middleware for Fire and Disaster Prevention Systems)

■ Study on the Device Driver Architectures for Embedded Real-Time Field Protocols:
    - for Cunsumer Networks : IEEE1394a/b,Embedded TCP/IP Stack,Embedded USB Stack, Embedded UI Engine
    - for Sensor Networks       : Zigbee,6LOWPAN,ANT
    - for Hard Real-Time Networks : CAN,IEEE1394b

■ Development of Embedded Real Time Intelligent Agents:
    - Java based Expert System Shell(JESS)
    - Real-Time CLIPS
    - Mobile Robot Agent(owned robots : ESPS-Mobile, LEGO RCX, PIONIEERS)
    - Unmaned Vehicle Remote Control Agent(Blimp robot, Heli Autonomous Control Agent)

■ Recent Development Activities in RTLAB:
    - Connected-Ware : Wareable mobile node interact with friends and physical environement(2010 ~ )
    - uMATI ;ubiquitous Mobile Asset Tracking Infra(2010 ~ )
    - Ubinos : Resource-constrainted Real-Time Operating System(2009 ~ )
    - RoomBridge: A Vertically Configurable Home Network Architecture and Related Middleware(2000 ~ )
    - Real-Time Intelligent Agent for Autonomous Helicopter (2001 ~ )
    - IEEE1394 device driver API for Embedded OS (1999 ~ )
    - Real-Time System Education ToolKit using LEGO DECTA (1998 ~ )
    - Embedded Real-Time Web Server (C/C++ version, Java version, Object CHILL version (1996~1998))
    - Web-based Tele-operation of Wireless mobile vehicle (1997~2000)
    - Home Network Gateway Set-top-box (1998~2001)
    - Web-based Tele-Monitoring of Banding Machines (1998~2000)
    - Java-Based SNMP Browser and SNMP Agent (1998)
    - Java-RMI based Tele-Operation of an Inspection Robot Used in Nuclear Power Plants(1996~1998)